Enjoy the Numerous Benefits of Using Freelancers and Independent Contractors

As every small business owner can attest, there are myriad challenges to finding long and short-term methods to save on operating costs and still deliver quality goods and service.  Both established companies and new ventures have discovered the numerous benefits of outsourcing work responsibilities and are opting to utilize freelancers, consultants and independent contractors as a cost effective means to help grow their companies, achieve business objectives and make available much-needed capital for investment in other areas of the enterprise.

There are a number of substantial benefits of employing freelancers and outsourcing vital job responsibilities. By taking advantage of a wide range of services provided by outsourcing, smaller firms gain access to the same level of efficiency, expertise and business development enjoyed by larger firms.  Projects and disciplines that can be successfully outsourced include marketing, communications, creative services, IT, accounting and even administrative services.  One of the main advantages of outsourcing and contracting is that enable small business to manage capital expenditures such as labor and operating costs, office space, health benefits and profit sharing. The inclusion of freelance professionals also introduces a fresh perspective and innovative ideas that will give your projects and services an extra shot of ingenuity and competitive edge. Increased efficiency shifts the focus from peripheral, time-consuming activities allowing owners to concentrate on core, income-generating business and customer service and acquisition.  Because freelancers’ income and reputation are largely based on timely payment for services and repeat business, they are inclined to expedite projects to their client’s satisfaction.

There are a few essentials to keep in mind that’ll ensure that you get the most from your freelance experience. First, be sure to request a resume, and work samples with related projects and cross reference them to ensure that they current job requirements and expertise.  Request a client list to ascertain if they’ve handled similar projects and work scope. It’s also very important that you discuss and agree on a mutually beneficial fee, work schedule and payment structure and be sure to put all relevant details and agreement in writing.


Do you currently or have you used freelancers for any of the following job responsibilities:


Creative Services

Sales and Marketing

Public Relations


Administrative/Executive Assistance

Travel & Entertainment Services

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