Deep, demonstrated understanding of Development theory and practices and International Relations

Content Management for International Development Audiences

Manage and engaging, substantive content tailored to diverse audiences

GoldenPen Ink Communication provides content development and strategic communication for International Development organisations and projects. We help execute a nimble content strategy that conveys and advances impact. We work to ensure consistent, unified messaging, using language aligned with development goals and values. To do so, we collaborate with the orgnanisation’s thought leadership, grantees, subject matter experts and other key stakeholders to produce communication assets that increase the visibility of programs and objectives across International Development audiences.

Individuals are the brain trust of every organization and project. We tap into their knowledge, memory and experiences to create and curate engaging, substantive, content tailored to diverse audiences, channels and goals, for advocacy and storytelling purposes. By harnessing robust internal knowledge, unparalleled, on the ground expertise, impact measured, we help organisations develop, manage and convey nuanced messaging, goals and achievements in a consistent, impactful and non technical manner.

Content and Communication Planning for International Development

Content and Communication Planning for International Development encompasses the creation, publication, and governance of a coherent, streamlined strategy that communicates the orgnanisation’s objectives and users’ needs. We create and re-purpose legacy content, institutional knowledge and subject matter expertise to better align, organize and leverage communications across various channels including print, digital, social media and stakeholder networks.

Develop and maintain pipeline of high-quality content for various uses:

 Impact stories
 Newsletters, e-Newsletters, articles and publications
 Blog posts and Vlogs
 Visual storytelling
 Website landing pages
 Speeches
 News and web articles
 Social Media Campaigns and profiles

Digital Media Management

There are numerous ways Development impact and cooperation can be shared and transformed through digital storytelling. Goldenpen Ink’s custom tailored digital strategy and communication planning enhances your content. The GoldenPen Ink team oversees or supports digital communications work including editorial content planning, website updates, video creation, social media campaigns and more.

Avoid the scramble with Strategic Content Management

We are adept at capturing, developing and curating a pipeline of custom tailored content, messaging and visual storytelling into an easily accessible central repository. Your organisation can communicate with a consistent, unified voice.

Digital Content integrates targeted Search Engine Optimised (SEO) keywords that help enhance digital and social visibility in the search engines such Google, Firefox, YouTube, Bing, Baidu and others.

Inside the GoldenPen Ink Content Management Toolkit

Stock taking and gap analysis to identify topics and themes of potentially engaging relevant content

Collaboration with in-house teams and resources keeping in mind locally focused assets, cultural appropriateness, nuances and sensitivities
• Creation and maintenance of a hybrid Editorial calendar to organise and track pipeline of content activity and engagement across diverse channels
• Messaging roadmap that standardises and unifies output with streamlined, impactful, cohesive communication
• Lead content update and maintenance efforts for traditional and digital communication
• Provides easy to use communication guidance to spokespersons and stakeholders
• Manage content production for visual story telling platforms and digital channels
o Website landing pages, newsletter and social media and more
• Source and pitch story ideas to relevant media


  • Impact Storytelling 
  • Professional Writing Services
  • Content Management and Development
  • Communication Strategy and Planning