SEO Copywriting

Content is King

Expertly crafted SEO Copywriting and web articles are critical components of conducting business on the web successfully. GoldenPen Ink will help distinguish your business with our use of innovative, next- level services and techniques that guarantee enviable results. Our superior quality SEO copywriting team selects and employs strategically placed keywords, informative content and easy readability to help you get a variety of benefits.

  • Achieve greater visibility
  • Increased web traffic
  • High Sales Conversion
  • Top placement on significant search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Altavista
  • Proofread, edited and polished text
  • Smart, informative content that’ll help customers find you

Help Potential Customers Find Your Business!

How can customers find your business? Our experienced, web savvy copywriting team will help streamline the deluge of web traffic and focus the attention of customers looking for your business’ products and services. Expertly written SEO content will generate the publicity and leads your business needs. GoldenPen Ink copywriting team will craft your content to illustrate the unique qualities of your business and increase your visibility to relevant customer base. Our SEO copywriting technique is an artful balance of keyword-rich text, and informative, persuasive content.

Gain an Edge Over the Competition

While you’re sleeping, your GoldenPen Ink website will be working for you. Our well-structured, search engine friendly content is the solution to a multitude of business needs. We conduct intensive keyword research and analyze usage frequency to determine strategies that best suit your brand objective. We listen to your vision, analyze your goals and formulate a web andcommunication campaign that is custom crafted to suit your business. Our team of writers will transform your ideas into polished, streamlined writing and energize your project.

We Know You’re Different

We drill down beyond the basics to determine and utilize content and information directly related to your brand. Our writing and media solutions will help you achieve a variety of business goals. We’ll help fine tune your expertise to become a trusted resource. Gain attention and credibility then convert followers to sales!

  • Position yourself as an industry expert
  • Present and publish topics of interest at which you excel
  • Create your own niche market and promote your brand

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Read How Your Business Can Benefit From SEO Copywriting (Link)

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