Storytelling as Bold as Your Impact

There is a treasure trove of experiences to share, stories waiting to be told. We partner with international and local organisations to capture, write, curate and disseminate compelling stories of impact – from challenges addressed and solutions found and implemented to benchmarks and milestones achieved. By capturing and collecting data and anecdotes from your work in communities around the world, we create and maintain SEO rich, engaging, compelling content that captures your achievements and objectives, resonate with audience and illustrate progress to stakeholders.

Capture and Share through Digital Storytelling
Compelling, engaging curiosity piquing stories that elucidate the Whys and Hows we adapt to change and challenges across diverse cultures and countries.

Storytelling for social and international development projects. that captures and translates knowledge, lessons learned and objectives achieved. Stories are nuanced, informative and compelling. Drawn with cultural context that illustrate the diverse ways societies and communities exist. From how we survive disease, respond to food and resource shortage, adapt to challenges, rebound from crisis and build resilience.

Storytelling for use in:

 Impact and Success stories
 Opinion Editorial, news articles and media Pitches
 First person interviews
 Websites and Blogs
 Brochures, e-newsletters and Newsletters
 Monitoring and Evaluations and stakeholder reporting and presentations
 Case Studies and Publications
 Strategy Reports, Annual Reports and other traditional reporting
 Speeches and Talking Points
 Videos, Images and Visual Storytelling
 Social media campaigns and engagement

We welcome the chance to craft and share nuanced stories and experiences that bridge and illustrate the gap between challenges, failures and transformation…that’s where miracles dwell. We help your record, access and tell impact stories of success, progress and failures enhanced by cultural context for greater understanding by multiple audiences.

Leverage the GoldenPen Ink Communication Toolkit to :

• Develop and maintain a pipeline high-quality stories and content extracted from your work and brain trust for: success stories, newsletters, Website landing pages, Blogs and Vlogs, Case Studies social media campaigns, and other communication materials.

• Collect, record and coordinate internal work outputs for the development and curation of story ideas, success stories, experiences and achievements to be shared with stakeholders and diverse audiences

• Record, craft and share stories that convey impact achieved, obstacles overcome, solutions advanced

• Interview and interface with Subject Matter Experts, Change Agents and Information Champions to craft communications

• Conduct and store research and synthesize data, information and stories into high-quality, targeted strategic messaging and long and short form communications

• Maintenance of Story- capturing mechanism that tracks, stores and organises diverse stories recrafted into rich communication material

Visual Storytelling to reinforce your message and elevate content, making it more engaging and relatable.


  • Impact Storytelling 
  • Professional Writing Services
  • Content Management and Development
  • Communication Strategy and Planning

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