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Improving Farming Profitability with Accessible Information for Agricultural Entrepreneurship Village Enterprise, East Africa

Saving the Lives Women with Single Visit Approach for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Jhpiego Global Stymied by high cost of treatment and lack of access to health facilities, each year 270,000 women die from cervical cancer, a wholly preventable disease and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths for women in developing countries – where 95% of women have never been screened. To address the inequity, Jhpiego pioneered the Single Visit Approach (SVA), a visual inspection test administered by a frontline worker using household vinegar which highlights precancerous lesions only a minute after application. Find out more

Digital Jobs Africa: Impacting 1 Million People through Jobs and Skills for Disadvantaged Youth

The leapfrog developments in information and communications technology (ICT) in Africa over the past decade present a dynamic opportunity to help address the increasingly challenging problem of youth unRead employment. The proposed initiative, titled Digital Jobs Africa: Impacting 1 Million People through Jobs and Skills for Disadvantaged Youth, seeks to catalyze sustainable employment opportunities for African youth and improved well-being for those employed, their families and communities and to influence broader global adoption of inclusive business practices leading to job creation at scale. Find out more.

SPEED: Leveraging Telecom Towers to Address Energy Poverty and Secure Livelihoods Sustainable energy – energy that is accessible, clean and efficient – powers human progress. Access to electricity is a key driver of change, providing improved quality of life, transformative social gains and new opportunities for long term economic security. In India, 42,000 villages are either un-electrified or under-electrified and over 400 million people lack access to electricity, mostly in rural areas. Yet, the mobile network in India has increased exponentially – from 6.4 million subscribers in 2002 to 752 million in 2010. This dramatic growth has resulted in the proliferation of energy consuming cell towers that rely on expensive diesel fuel.  But by leveraging cell towers as anchor loads for alternative sources of energy, there is opportunity to foster an environment for enterprise development and private capital participation, while catalyzing economic development for underserved populations. To address the twin challenges of energy deprivation and poverty, The Rockefeller Foundation, along with a number of partners, established Smart Power for Environmentally-sound Economic Development (SPEED). SPEED’s ultimate goal is to impact the lives of poor or vulnerable populations by delivering affordable, reliable and clean energy to rural communities, thereby improving their quality of life and facilitating opportunities for economic development. Read more about Rockefeller Foundation’s SPEED Project here Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI) CTI2024 Global Seminar: Cooperation and Innovation Global Ministers and Senior Law Enforcement Gather in Copenhagen for Seminar on Shared Experience and Capacity Building in Torture and Abuse Prevention Copenhagen, Denmark: On 1 October, the Danish Government hosted the first of a two-day global seminar on the Convention on Torture Initiative’s (CTI) in Eigtvelds Pakhus in Copenhagen, Denmark. The high-level seminar brought together a wide cross section of global ministers, senior law enforcement officials and human right and torture prevention experts from approximately 25 countries to discuss effective, actionable ways to implement UNCAT within countries by applying human rights centred, science-based approaches that assist police and law enforcement agencies in preventing torture and minimising ill treatment and abuses. The seminar focused not on reasons and benefits of UNCAT ratification, but on the equally important challenges of how countries can effectively do so in ways that are tenable, long lasting and actionable, by integrating international cooperation and support, capacity building and innovative investigative practices in policing and law enforcement. Countries are also focusing on monitoring of the use of innovative technology such as tasers to ensure proper, appropriate scaled use of force and de-escalation. Read more Bucking the trend: An unlikely group of states join forces to eradicate torture worldwide There is a lot of chatter in the corridors and e-rooms of the United Nations these days that multilateralism – or the peaceful relations between states – is becoming more and more difficult, some say it is in crisis. Treaties and resolutions, even about the most basic of human values, are becoming harder to negotiate. Textual language is often times watered down to become meaningless, standard lines are being rewritten, and there appears to be a fervour about challenging the long-standing status quo. This is deeply worrying for an organisation that has been the primary forum for dialogue for the past three-quarters of a century, a venue that rightly prioritises dialogue above war as the means to prevent conflict as well as to bring about lasting peace. Multilateralism in the new millennium is decidedly complex. More about CTI. Caribbean Countries Convene to Exchange Experiences on Drafting Anti-torture Laws Last week, on 1-3 December, the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI) partnered with REDRESS and the Commonwealth Secretariat to facilitate “The UNCAT: Sharing experiences of ratification, legislative reform and reporting,” a three day technical online workshop for Commonwealth Caribbean countries hosted by the Governments of Chile and Grenada. The workshop assisted Caribbean governments in their actions to ratify, implement and report under the UN Convention against Torture (UNCAT), with a particular focus on anti-torture legal provisions. Over the course of three mornings, the technical workshop workshop participants reviewed and compared their country’s anti-torture legal frameworks, assessed legislative gaps, and benefitted from hearing about various ways to consult the public and experts on draft texts. Among those participating were senior-level Caribbean officials from Ministries of Justice, Legal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Attorney General’s Offices. Read more Jamaica Tourist Board Jamaican Street Food – Where Taste Tells the Tale From Negril to Portland, Mandeville to St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica is awash in exquisitely delicious street food. Roadside huts dot every town. Assorted food stalls stretch from Mobay to Savanna-la-mar, through tucked away hamlets to the base of towering mountain abundant with a belly full of mangoes, sour sop, chicken foot soup, banana fritters, jerk chicken or pork, run dung and roast yam; stamp and go, peanut and icy mint and everything in between. Jerk masters transform steel drums into jerk pits on crowded streets from downtown Kingston to the upscale resorts in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. They offer a smorgasbord of jerk pork, chicken, fish and even lobster. No cutlery, no menus and no frills. Hungry for more... NWH Hospital Diving into the Sweet Life: The Effectiveness of Hyperbaric Treatment in Healing Diabetic Wounds Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts and get ready the latest innovation in wound healing. For the next two hours, you and your fellow divers enjoy your idyllic, bliss inducing HBOT dive in our oxygen infused multi-chamber. Painless, worry-free diabetes treatment made possible by 100% pure oxygen and serum, piped into your blood stream. Cruising their way to your impaired, narrowed, overtaxed cells and tissues, strengthening cells with the energy, oxygen and nutrients needed to maximize healing of your most intractable diabetic wounds. Your personal tether monitor will attend to your health needs, including placement and removal of your oxygen mask, monitoring your vitals and guaranteeing your comfort and safety. Side of nirvana optional, but highly recommended. Relax and listen to your iPhone play list, polish off the final chapters of that novel, play solitaire or scroll through pictures of sun weary grandchildren. Side effect are nominal. Your dive is in effect. Next stop: Healing. Read on… Janssen Pharmaceutical Maintain Healthy Living with for Mobile Health Monitoring In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, people need effective, reliable tools that promote self-care and help with disease prevention and management. Whether the goal is to lose weight, develop healthful eating habits, or manage an illness, achieving and maintaining optimal health and a balanced lifestyle require more than desire and wishful thinking. That’s why Janssen supported the launch of the Website to help individuals access a wide range of relevant health care information. Patients and caregivers can get quick, easy access to trusted apps that make a difference in maintaining good health. The Website compiles the world’s favorite, user-tested, and most highly recommended apps that promote and support good health. Find out more… Black Enterprise magazine Heart Disease: The Silent Killer For decades, heart disease has cut a wide swath through the health and well-being of American society. With over 70 million Americans living with a form of heart disease and is the most likely cause of death. Statistics for African Americans are particularly dire. Of five million individuals diagnosed with heart disease, 725,000 are African American, with an estimated increase of 900,000 expected by the end of the decade. Although risk factors are identical across racial groups, blacks present multiple factors and symptoms are likely to be more advanced and aggressive. African Americans remain the most underrepresented and under served population in research studies, clinical trials and treatment. Black women, who have the highest risk factors, remain the lowest on the healthcare ladder for diagnosis and life-saving tests and treatment and are 69% more likely to die from a heart attack or stroke than white women. Grim health outcomes notwithstanding, it is possible to reverse medical predictions to achieve and maintain optimum health through education and positive lifestyle changes. Find out moreBank of America Commitment to the Impact Investment Market Responsibility As a global company, we believe that we have the responsibility to use our expertise and resources to invest in our communities and to help them address the social challenges they face. Many communities at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP) lack access to government services and often pay high prices to procure basic products and services from private sector providers. Impact investments can address this by harnessing more efficient, competitive business models to deliver better, cheaper and more widely-available services to low-income and excluded communities around the world. Impact investments can complement government and philanthropy by providing goods and services to these communities, thereby allowing government and philanthropy to concentrate their resources on reaching the poorest communities who cannot participate in market-based solutions. Read more about BoA Community Efforts

Help the Bank [Name] Marathon Go Green

Welcoming 45,000 race participants to the City of Chicago on October 12, 2014 generates a lot of enthusiasm and energy among participants, spectators and volunteers. In an effort to minimize its environmental impact, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon incorporates environmentally and socially responsible practices into its operational planning. For example, did you know that 20 tons of cardboard boxes and plastic jugs are recycled from on-course aid stations, or that more than 27,000 pounds of remaining food and water are donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository post-race?

To learn more about the [Bank] Marathon Sustainability Program, click here.

Run for Charity at the 2014 [Bank] Chicago Marathon

The 2014 [Bank] Chicago Marathon lottery entry period may be over, but there are still a limited number of entries available through the Charity Program. Every year thousands of runners take to the streets of Chicago for a cause much greater than themselves. We invite you to join the fundraising effort at the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon and to make a difference in the lives of others through your participation in this year’s race.

If you haven’t yet to sign up for the 2014 [Bank] Chicago Marathon, you can still do so by running on behalf of a charity. To view charities that have entries remaining, visit the Charity registration page.

Purchase Race-day Hospitality Tickets

Race- day hospitality for the 2014 [Bank] Chicago Marathon offers access to comforts and conveniences that will make your Marathon experience a memorable one. Tickets are available for purchase to all registered participants, spectators and guests. It is the ideal venue for teams, members of running clubs, groups of friends or individual participants.  To purchase tickets, visit the Race day hospitality page.

Kick off your training with Nike+

Is the 2014 [Bank] Chicago Marathon your first marathon? If so, you can begin building your mileage now in preparation for Nike’s official [Bank] Chicago Marathon Training Program. Nike+ Coach Beginner Marathon program provides pre-training to create your foundation and ready your body of the entire training cycle.  Sign-up with Nike+ to train smarter, track your activities, improve your performance and don’t forget to share your success.

The official [Bank] Chicago Marathon 16-week training program will kick-off on Monday, May 23. The program will be available at and through the Nike+ Running App.

Charity Spotlight:

Chicago Parks Foundation

While many local runners are familiar with Chicago’s hallmark 18-mile Lakefront Trail, they might not be aware of the fact that Chicago boasts 580 parks, 24 beaches, 11 museums, 9 golf courses and 10 harbors.

Founded in 2012, the Chicago Parks Foundation (CPF) is a community-supported nonprofit organization seeking to transform places and people through the conservation and improvement of Chicago’s neighborhood parks, field houses and lakefront. As part of its mission, the CPF is committed to making parks accessible and safe for all communities, regardless of socioeconomic level, and for instilling a sense of stewardship in this and future generations.

To learn more about the Chicago Parks Foundation, or to register to run as part of their Team ChiParks, click here.

Content Strategy, Development and Creation

Improving Farming Profitability with Accessible Information for Agricultural Entrepreneurship

Village Enterprise – East Africa

Hindered by lack of access to capital and agricultural information, impoverished, risk-intolerant small farmers employ patterns of agricultural production that keep them trapped in a cycle of generational poverty. Employing mobile data collection technology, Village Enterprise developed the Smarter Market Analysis Risk Tool (SMART) to capture, analyze, and distribute information on local and seasonal pricing, risk, and demand, allowing small farmers to make more informed, profitable and productive farming decisions. Village Enterprise encourages the adoption of effective technologies and best practices for creating profitable and sustainable small businesses. Farmers also benefit from SMART’s use of a reliable network of business and agricultural mentors that provides expertise, competitive advantage and greater certainty in decision making and investment choices. Village Enterprise helped 6,000 impoverished farmers start over 2,000 businesses consequently improving the lives of over 30,000 people in Kenya and Uganda.

Financially Self- Sustaining School Provides Pathway out of Poverty for Low-Income Youth

Fundacion Paraguaya/ Martin Burt – Paraguay

The lives and potential of poor, rural children are often blighted by lack of access to quality secondary, education – two causes of high unemployment and poverty. Fundacion Paraguaya bypasses the complex problems of under-funded, poorly equipped schools to devise an innovative solution – high-quality, secondary school education and financial self-sufficiency to low-income, rural youth in developing countries.  The franchise of self-sufficient schools integrates the national curricula with locally relevant, small-scale enterprises such as dairy or organic farming, helping students become viable entrepreneurs. Students gain technical and entrepreneurial skills they can apply to new employment or their own small enterprise after graduation, thereby providing a route out of poverty and transforming their lives. In Paraguay income from businesses covers 100% of operating costs and all graduates secure sound employment, attend university or teach at other schools. Now 20 schools operate in Africa and Latin America.

Saving the Lives Women with Single Visit Approach for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis

Jhpiego – Global

Stymied by high cost of treatment and lack of access to health facilities, each year 270,000 women die from cervical cancer, a wholly preventable disease and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths for women in developing countries – where 95% of women have never been screened. To address the inequity, Jhpiego pioneered the Single Visit Approach (SVA), a visual inspection test administered by a frontline worker using household vinegar which highlights precancerous lesions only a minute after application. In a single visit, a woman can be screened and treated where she lives. Jhpiegoh has conducted cervical cancer tests in 22 countries; 29,261 new women have used SVA with 9% found to have pre-cancerous lesions and 81% eligible for cryotherapy treatment. Over 2,000 women screened and treated were likely saved from early death from cervical cancer.

Open Source Drug Development Revolutionizes Disease Treatment for World’s Most Vulnerable

Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative – Global

Only 10% of the world’s health research spending is delegated to diseases affecting 90% of the world’s population. In the poorest communities of Africa, Asia and Latin America, millions of the world’s most vulnerable people are afflicted by obscure but debilitating diseases such as African Sleeping Sickness, chagas, malaria, pediatric HIV/AIDS and leishmaniasis. Through its patient centered, research and development model, Drugs for Neglected Diseases (DNDi) discovers, develops and distributes new, improved and affordable medicines for illness largely unknown by much of the world. DNDi open sourcing and collaborative partnerships with governments, philanthropy, research institutions, NGOs, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies ensures greater research and knowledge sharing that expedites the development processes and allows faster delivery of much needed drugs. DNDi has delivered six new treatments with two new potential drugs in clinical trials; 90% of people suffering from African Sleeping Sickness have been treated with DNDi-produced drugs.

Addressing Cross-Sector Challenges by Designing an Enabling Environment for Open Source Health Innovation

InSTEDD – Cambodia and Argentina

Rapid, effective and coordinated response is critically important to stop pandemics and social ills in their tracks before they spread and decimate lives in neighboring countries. InSTEDD iLabs provide collaborative spaces for innovation, research and consultancy to produces demand-driven technologies for social needs. iLabs bring together leaders from the health and technology fields who work with local individuals, organizations and governments to design social programs and solutions to intractable, cross-sectoral problems – for example, implementing better surveillance for rapid response to disease outbreaks nationwide through mobile coordination, improving treatment of HIV patients through analysis tools to provide care to more than 50,000 patients including 600 children and improving conditions for garment workers through mobile content and abuse hotlines. iLabs have designed 15 projects and tools that have benefitted thousands of workers and in malaria-prone provinces of Cambodia have helped eliminate 100% of cases of the disease through real-time reporting.

Slum Sanitation Design Converts Waste into Sustainable Development

Sanergy/Lindsay Stradley

Poor sanitation means the deaths of over 1.5 million children annually from sanitation-related illnesses – 27,400 in Kenya alone. There, 8 million people pay to use unsanitary pit latrines – or resort to open defecation resulting in 4m tons of human waste openly dumped in the environment each year. The deluge pollutes land and waterways and degrades individual and community health. Sanergy designed low-cost, waterless Fresh Life Toilets (FLT) for slum sanitation with a system that sanitizes and recycles while addressing egregious social, economic and environmental needs and restoring dignity to slum dwellers. Toilets are franchised to local entrepreneurs who charge users a nominal fee. Waste is converted into useful by-products such as renewable energy and organic fertilizer which are sold to farms and profits used to subsidize the sale of new toilets to entrepreneurs. Built into each process is sustainable development in the form of jobs and diverse opportunities. Sanergy has created 200 jobs and 160 sanitation facilities work with a network of 88 operators – most of whom are women – serving 8,000 residents every day. Facilities have diarrhea cases by 45% which means a reduction in health care costs and increase in income, work days and productivity.

Lighting the Unelectrified with a Progressive Pricing System for Energy Provision

Simpa Networks – India

Energy powers human progress and access to electricity improves lives exponentially. In India, 400 million people lack access to electricity with detrimental consequences to health, social opportunities, economic development, and equitable growth. Simpa Network’s pricing system helps unelectrified households purchase household energy, by bypassing significant up-front cost. After an initial payment, customers have access to electricity on a pay-as-you-go basis, purchasing credit along the way to unlock the energy system. Each payment goes towards the full price of access which, once paid for delivers free solar energy, transforming a daily expense into ownership of a valuable asset. Simpa assumes the up-front financial risk associated with purchasing a new energy system and customers pay only for the service they receive through a payment system that allows flexibility to those with irregular or unreliable income. Simpa reaches 2,500 people in rural India and over 500 households and small business now have access to clean energy.

Financing Conservation to Strengthen Economic Development

The Nature Conservancy – Latin America

Water scarcity impacts over 40% of the planet with many of the world’s poorest cities adversely affected by lack of access and poor water management. The Nature Conservancy joined with a coalition of partners to develop the Water Funds Alliance which funds the preservation of water at its source, conserves ecosystems thereby ensuring long-tern water quality. Water Funds works with members of upstream and downstream communities, municipal governments, scientists and social scientists to pool fees from downstream users to finance land management upstream. Everyone benefits in ways that matter. By emphasizing the many social and economic benefits of Water Funds, the funds are an opportunity for communities, governments and public and private stakeholders to reach consensus on ways to preserve and protect the ecological health of water source. Presently 11 Water Funds have been created with indirect benefit to 33 million people. The model has been developed in various cities in Latin America, the United States and Africa.

Corporate Communication and Content Development for the

Law Firm of Latham & Watkins

Chemical Regulation, Product Strategy and Defense Practice

Latham & Watkins’ preeminent Chemical Regulation, Product Strategy and Defense Practice advises clients on all aspects of regulatory and legal matters pertaining to the manufacture, process and use of chemicals in consumer and commercial products nationally and globally.

Rulemaking and Litigation
Latham lawyers have successfully handled standard setting cases and pursued petitions under almost every major federal environmental statute. The Practice specializes in combining science, law and policy to achieve client objectives.

Latham lawyers have achieved notable successes in numerous chemicals-related litigations with various stakeholders. They have an exemplary track record for court cases challenging and defending agency final rules, and responding to citizen suits. They have also successfully handled opposing petitions seeking product bans, “toxic chemical” listings, and other chemical regulations.

Our experience spans major industries, including:
• Commodity, Specialty and Nano chemicals
• Engines and vehicles
• Fuels
• Pesticides
• Foods
• Drugs
• Medical devices
• Batteries and semiconductors
• Commercial and Consumer products, including products for children and personal care.

Audits and Enforcement
The Practice provides a broad spectrum of chemicals-related advice and services to clients. Latham lawyers have substantial experience with EPA audit and penalty policies and have assisted clients with self-audits, and agency inspections The team’s legal support services for risk management assessments far exceed compliance auditing. The Practice has handled numerous civil enforcement actions brought under the Toxic Substances Control Act(TSCA), the Clean Air Act (CAA) and other environmental statutes. It is enhanced by a distinguished bench of former federal prosecutors who have represented clients in chemicals-related criminal litigation.

New Product Approvals and Permits

Latham lawyers are expert at obtaining and providing support for new product approvals, certifications, permits and registrations under TSCA; the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act; the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act; the CAA; the Clean Water Act and other environmental statutes.

State Regulation
The Latham team frequently works with state and local regulatory programs within and outside California. They have undertaken hundreds of bounty-hunter cases and compliance matters under California Proposition 65, and are experts in the State’s “Green Chemistry” program.

International Breadth
Latham’s global team has vast experience dealing with international chemical regulations and treaties including:
• The European Union’s REACH
• WEEE and RoHs laws
• Stockholm Convention
• Canada’s “Virtual Elimination” program
• China’s new chemicals legislation

Facing New Challenges
Knowledgeable clients have chosen Latham for assistance responding to new challenges, including Congressional investigations, state legislative proposals, retailer initiatives, federal and state voluntary programs, and media requests by national television networks. Latham’s team works with professionals across many scientific disciplines Clients benefit from these relationships when they address challenges presented by developments in new science. This includes trends in endocrine disruption, the increased availability of bio-monitoring data, hazard, exposure and risk assessment practices. Lawyers also counsel clients on ways to address chemicals and chemicals related regulatory trends nationally and across the global assist clients in planning for future challenges that impact the industry.

Energy and Infrastructure Project Siting Practice
Latham & Watkins’ Energy and Infrastructure Project Siting Practice assist clients in obtaining and defending governmental approvals, licenses and permits for vital infrastructure and new development. This encompasses power generation and transmission, refining, manufacturing, ports and airports, mixed use development, office towers, toll roads, educational facilities and new master planned communities.

Unrivaled Team of Professionals and Strategists

Latham’s Energy and Infrastructure professionals have assisted developers, agencies and infrastructure companies to obtain crucial environmental, land use and regulatory approvals from international, federal, state and local agencies. These approvals are essential in the building processes of diverse structures, from nationally renowned art galleries and wind turbines to waste disposal sites.
The Practice comprises more than 40 lawyers, professional planners and environmental specialists. The Latham team also includes a number of leading legal experts in the following sectors:

• Air emissions regulation
• Carbon credits
• Water usage and discharge
• Wetlands
• Hazardous waste
• Endangered species

The Energy and Infrastructure Practice also coordinates with the firm’s Finance, Project Finance and Real Estate practices. This integrated team approach facilitates the implementation of an efficient, comprehensive strategy for managing major projects and transactions.

The firm’s lawyers are exemplary in their understanding of applicable regulatory requirements and governmental approvals necessary for infrastructure and energy generation projects. Their expertise is enhanced by Latham’s outstanding Project Finance Practice.

Advice for Initial Proposal, Financing and Construction to Project Completion

Latham’s Energy and Infrastructure Siting lawyers provide strategic advice and detailed regulatory analysis on planning and environmental issues originating from feasibility studies of potential sites through to defense of approvals. They shepherd each new development project, providing guidance at
every stage, from financing and construction to completion.

Practice lawyers are often lead counsel in defending approvals against administrative appeals and courtroom challenges. Today’s highly regulated and litigious public environment demands proficient and discerning lawyers who possess specialized knowledge of industry specific questions and regulations. Project developers benefit from Latham lawyers’ integrated strategy to secure the mandatory approvals and for successful court defense. Agreements with opponents are obtained where possible.

Speech for Consulate General of Jamaica New York


Ladies and Gentlemen:
It is with great pleasure that I extend my sincere appreciation and best wishes to the Chairman, Board, members and friends of Children of Jamaica Outreach (COJO) on this occasion of your 17th Anniversary Scholarship Gala and Awards Ceremony. Indeed, there is much to celebrate.

Children are the cornerstone of our society’s future and potential. Now more than ever, we need strong, role models and advocates to help shape and guide our children and help them understand what is possible for their future. Advocacy for their education, care and well-being will determine nothing less than the future of our communities, and indeed our society. What they learn today will determine whether we as a society can meet our greatest challenges in the future.

Over the years, COJO’s guiding principles of courage, perseverance, and compassion have been instrumental in transforming the lives of disadvantaged children in Jamaica and throughout the Diaspora. By providing access to affordable, quality healthcare, tuition assistance and through your mentoring and social development programs you have made an indelible impact on the lives of those whose interest you serve. These contributions have been instrumental in providing invaluable opportunities that will transform the lives of children and aid them in fulfilling their potential through education and industry.

COJO’s commitment in championing the cause of needy children in both the national and international arena is remarkable – producing thousands of dollars and resources that have and will continue to pave the way for generations of children to succeed and thrive.

On behalf of the Government of Jamaica, I commend Mr. Gary Williams and his exemplary team for their outstanding service and unfailing support and dedication in instilling the importance and value of education and in improving the lives of children and helping to ensure their chances for a better future.

Please accept my best wishes for a successful gala and continued success in garnering support for COJO’s Scholarship fund.


It is with great pleasure that I extend heartfelt greetings to the officers and members of Race Course Primary School Alumni Inc. (New York) on the occasion of your Inaugural Banquet.

Race Course Primary School’s success in and commitment to educational excellence is evidenced in the many successes and achievements of past and present students in Jamaica, New York and across the globe. It is a legacy of which you can all be proud.

The education gleaned at Race Course Primary has had a tremendous impact on the lives of its many students. Indeed, the lessons and values learned during your time there have served you well, as you are truly Race Course Primary ambassadors, perpetuating a continuum that distinguishes your exceptional school. As past students, you are testament to the transformative power of education.

The proud tradition of industry and dedication of the school’s teachers and staff are exemplified in the academic integrity and diligence that has produced exemplary Jamaicans who have gone on to enrich society in a variety of ways.

You are stewards of an institution that will be here for hundreds of thousands of present and future students, helping them to chart their own paths to excellence. From your myriad contributions and resources that help make secondary education possible to the success of individual students and professionals in our nation, and the world beyond – Race Course Primary has helped—and will continue to help—elevate that success. Race Course and schools of its ilk is the linchpin of our children’s success and our nation’s progress.

I commend your efforts to give back, not only to your alma mater, but to the countless students who will benefit from this endeavor. On behalf of the Government and people of Jamaica, I wish you the best for a successful banquet and pray God’s blessing on each and everyone gathered on this occasion.

Newsletter – Columbia Law School Alumni Magazine
Women of Courage Series

Bella Abzug

With the might of a gale force, Bella Abzug (‘44) propelled New York City politics to heretofore unseen heights with a brashness and passion difficult to ignore or duplicate. Equally renowned for her courageous voice as for her flamboyant, trademark hats, Ms. Abzug has been hailed as a founding mother of feminism, a staunch supporter of gay and civil rights and an international icon for human rights and world peace. A tireless fighter, campaigner and agitator, she brought her voice to a variety of social and political issues such as protecting the environment, equal housing, increased employment opportunities and compensation, improved child and healthcare, an end to the Vietnam War and was a co-sponsor of the women’s equal rights amendment.

During her years as Congresswoman for the 20th District of New York, she became an expert on parliamentary rules and laws, using her skills to advocate programs for her beloved city. She was the only New York City member of the House Public Works Committee and was Chairwoman of the House Subcommittee on Government Information and Individual Rights. In her 1972 memoir, Bella, she declared, “there are those who say I’m impatient, impetuous, uppity, and rude. Whether I’m any of these things, you can decide for yourself. But whatever I am – and this ought to be made very clear at the outset – I am a very serious woman.” Her legacy of determined activism, integrity and unrelenting courage was lauded in a 1998 special presentation of a United Nations award for Invaluable Contributions to the UN and the NGO community in Building Peace.

Mary Jo White (’74)

When Mary Jo White retired from the Office of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, she left behind a legacy of prosecutorial integrity, fair-mindedness and a reputation for the dogged pursuit of justice.

Mary Jo White began her prodigious career as a clerk for Judge Marvin Frankel. After serving as prosecutor and Chief of Appeals at the US Attorneys office for the Southern District of New York, she joined Debevoise & Plimpton as a Litigation Partner in 1981. In 1990, she was appointed interim US Attorney and Chief Assistant US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Here, she began to forge her career as a force with which to be reckoned. She oversaw numerous important cases and counted several significant victories, including what is surely a career victory, the near – impossible feat of the conviction and life-imprisonment of Mafia don, John Gotti on murder and racketeering charges.

Upon her appointment as the first female US Attorney, she was almost immediately embroiled in several of the most egregious cases is international terrorism, white collar crime and police corruption. Ms. White and her exceptional team of over two hundred attorneys have prosecuted and won convictions of the four men charged with the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, including ringleader Ramzi Yousef and accused mastermind, Sheik Omar Rahman. During her tenure she has accomplished a number of milestone achievements including the conviction of four men involved in the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania; handed down indictments for Osama bin Laden and members of the Al-Qaeda network for conspiracies to commit acts of terrorism against the United States before the September 11th attacks; won a landmark case against Daiwa Bank in charges of government and securities bank fraud with an unprecedented criminal fine of $340 million and brought civil RICO actions against several of the nation’s largest unions to rid them of the influence of organized crime.

United States Attorney for Chicago, Patrick Fitzgerald, describes Ms. White as having “the courage of her convictions. She’s someone you want to go into the foxhole with you.” As she moves into the next phase of her life, she rejoins her old firm Debevoise & Plimpton as a Partner and Chair of its Litigation department.

Soia Mentschikoff (’37) 1915-1984

One of the great names in legal education, Dr. Soia Mentschikoff (’37) was renowned for her commitment to academic excellence, legal scholarship and expertise in the area of commercial law. Her exemplary career is marked by a series of significant firsts that undoubtedly paved the way for female professionals. She was the first female on the faculty of Harvard Law School, the first on the faculty of University of Chicago, rising to full professor in 1962, the first female to attain the status of partner in a New York City law firm and the first female elected President of the Association of American Law Schools.
In 1951, along with her husband, Karl Llewellyn, the esteemed professor at both Columbia and University of Chicago Law Schools as well as an eminent authority on American jurisprudence, Dr. Mentschikoff was one of the principal drafters of the Uniform Commercial Code. This compilation of laws, which touched almost every business transaction in the US, continues to have far-reaching effects throughout the commercial world in areas such as secured transactions, documents of titles, foreign banking and investment securities. Her distinguished academic life was enhanced by her appointment as Dean of the University of Miami Law School in 1973. Beloved by her students and widely respected by her peers, she sought to raise the bar of academic excellence and scholarship during her tenure. The University of Miami law school continues to utilize much of her techniques and ideas through research and writing programs. In 1994, a full-tuition scholarship was set up in her name and is awarded to outstanding students from the entering class, who maintain stellar academic performances, demonstrate leadership qualities and exhibit potential for making substantive contributions to the legal profession and society.

Caroline Kennedy (’88) November, 1957 –

Having lived her life at the nucleus of one of America’s most powerful and illustrious families, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (’88) has carved a niche for herself in several arenas and is steadily holding her own. In 1990, she co-wrote, “In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action,” with fellow Columbia Law School alum, Ellen Alderman. The book, which examined contemporary applications for the first ten Amendments, attained the number seven spot on the New York Times bestseller list and spawned the idea for her second book. In 1995, she produced her second literary collaboration with Alderman. This book, aptly titled, “The Right to Privacy,” takes a look at how notions of privacy are increasingly distorted through the uses of computer technology and pits issues of individual privacy against freedom of the press and the public’s right to information.

Ms. Kennedy Schlossberg has progressively assumed a more visible role in the management of the Kennedy legacy and the public’s perception of her family. She is President of the Kennedy Library Foundation and in 1994 assumed the place of honorary Chairwoman of the American Ballet Theatre. She is also the Editor of “Profiles in Courage for Our Time,” a compilation of essays portraying the efforts of courageous politicians. Continuing in this vein, she is the co-founder of the prestigious Profiles in Courage Awards, presented annually to politicians who perform acts of political bravery. She describes the awards as “seeking to honor those whose lives of service prove that politics can be a noble profession. Americans will realize that there are men and women serving at all levels of our government who are legends of our time.”

The Honorable Felice K. Shea (’50) January 29, 1923 –

Former Mayor of New York City, Robert F. Wagner, described the Honorable Felice F. Shea (’50) as a “combination of legal scholarship, sound judgment and a humanitarian spirit.” In an outstanding legal and judicial career spanning over forty years, Judge Shea has exemplified mastery of the law, an inalienable belief in the legal system and a compassion for others. She began her legal career as a Research Assistant to Justice Arthur T. Vanderbilt at New York University Law School. From 1960 – 1963, she worked at Columbia Law School under the auspices of former Professor Jack B. Weinstein in preparation of the treatise to New York Civil Practice.

From 1963 – 1974, she served as Staff Attorney and Assistant Attorney-in-Charge of the Harlem Branch of the Legal Aid Society, where she strived to ensure that economically challenged clients received equitable legal representation and treatment. An Acting Supreme Court Justice for eight years, Judge Shea was elected Supreme Court Justice for the State of New York in 1984. In this capacity, she presided over diverse civil and criminal cases and has published numerous scholarly opinions. Enhancing an already illustrious career, she was designated Presiding Justice of the Extraordinary Special and Trial Term of the Supreme Court of the City of New York by then Governor, Mario Cuomo. She tried a variety of special cases, most notably those involving police corruption and abuses within the criminal justice system. Yet she always managed to temper sharp-eyed justice with fairness and understanding.

Judge Shea’s contributions outside her judicial role have also been geared towards public service, as well as her love for the Law School. She is a director of the Association of Women Judges of the State of New York; a director of the New York Women’s Bar Association and a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. In 1984, she was elected the first female President of the Law School’s Alumni Association. In 1986, Judge Shea was awarded the Alumni Federation’s Medal of Conspicuous Alumni Service. Her impetus has not been slowed by her retirement from the bench in 1999. She continues serve on the Council on Judicial Administration of the Bar Association of New York and acts as a consultant to several Law School clinics, the Board of Visitors and various advisory committees. Her years of dedicated service was acknowledged and rewarded when she was bestowed Columbia Law School’s Medal for Excellence in January 2000.

Web Content Development – Montefiore Medical Center

HTML Title Tag: What to Expect Upon Arrival to the Emergency Room
Meta Keywords : triage, wall of oxygen, fast, track area, emergency department, psychiatric emergency room, emergency medicine, asthma sufferers, urgent care
Meta Description: To maximize efficiency and minimize wait time, triage and registration are combined. In triage, a skilled nurse evaluates patients to determine the severity of each case.

Name: What to Expect Upon Arrival to the Emergency Room

HTML Title Tag: What to Expect Upon Arrival to the Emergency Room:
Meta Keywords: triage, wall of oxygen, fast, track area, emergency department, psychiatric emergency room, emergency medicine, asthma sufferers, urgent care
Meta Description: To maximize efficiency and minimize wait time, triage and registration are combined. In triage, a skilled nurse evaluates patients to determine the severity of each case.

What to Expect Upon Arrival to the Emergency Room
Montefiore Medical Group (MMG) provides exceptional primary and specialty care services to the surrounding Bronx community and the greater New York metropolitan area. The first and most crucial step to admitting a patient to the Emergency department is triage. In order to maximize efficiency and minimize wait time, the triage and registration processes are combined. In triage, a highly skilled nurse consults with and evaluates patients, reviewing medical history and determining the severity of each case. There are several triage booths to expedite patient care. Each patient is taken to the appropriate area within the Emergency Department depending on their condition and needs. Specialized areas expedite patient treatment and allow them to return to their daily routines as quickly as possible. For example, our Fast Track area is designated for patients with minor ailments such as ankle sprains, upper respiratory infections, and minor injuries. Our ‘Wall of Oxygen’ accommodates multiple nebulizers and allows asthma sufferers to bypass the waiting area and receive immediate treatment. The Psychiatric Emergency room accommodates patients displaying uncontrolled behavior or experiencing hallucinations, manic episodes, major depression, and suicidal ideations.

For urgent care, such as life and limb threatening conditions and injuries, patients are brought to the main emergency room, where a team of board-certified and Emergency Medicine trained physicians, nurses, and social workers collaborate to address various patient care needs. These include: abdominal and chest pains, trauma, and acute migraines.

Emergency Medicine – Research and Clinical Trials

HTML Title Tag: Emergency Medicine – Research and Clinical Trials – New York, New York – Montefiore Medical Center
Meta Keywords: emergency medicine, research, clinical trials, specialized research projects, smoking cessation, pain management, Dr. Benjamin Friedman
Meta Description: The Department of Emergency Medicine is exploring innovative research and clinical trials that address the particular needs and conditions that most affect our patients.

Research and Clinical Trials
One of the key missions of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center is advancing our current, specialized research projects. Our research endeavors are focused on addressing the particular needs and conditions that most affect our patients and the community we serve.

Our team of research assistants strives around the clock to support our research efforts. To ensure that we are delivering superior quality care, we have implemented the Quality Improvement Program, which systematically measures and evaluates our performance.

Current Treatments
We are currently exploring different regimens of medications for acute pain to determine how best we can treat our patients. An attending physician conducts ongoing clinical studies analyzing smoking cessation methodologies to help smokers achieve their goal of quitting. Candidates are supplied with patches and received counseling and follow-up consultations to track their progress.

Benjamin W. Friedman, MD conducts clinical studies in migraines, nausea, and acute lower back pain. The findings from many our studies have been published in emergency medicine literature and other medical journals. We also provide germane health care information and education to the surrounding community to promote good health and wellness.

The Department of Emergency Medicine is also a major teaching and research unit of Montefiore Medical Center. Much of the work conducted by scientists and faculty is focused on advancing biomedical knowledge and developing innovative techniques that will improve patient health and medical outcomes. In addition to treating and caring for patients, we endeavor to effect changes to health care challenges by applying research discoveries and knowledge.

Professional Training Program
HTML Title Tag: Emergency Medicine – Professional Training Program – New York, New York – Montefiore Medical Center
Meta Keywords: professional training program, Emergency Medicine residency program, clinical scholars, Albert Einstein College
Meta Description: The Emergency Department, in conjunction with Albert Einstein College of Medicine offers professional training programs to the next generation of physicians.

Professional Training Program
At Montefiore, we recognize that education is a vital component of achieving our objectives. The hospital is a nationally recognized epicenter for invaluable research and therefore a magnet for promising physicians and thought leaders of the future. Montefiore’s Professional Training Program affords students the opportunity to work with industry renowned physicians and clinical scholars while conducting research and attending patients.

We are also a major teaching unit of Montefiore Medical Center with one of the largest Emergency Medicine residency programs in the country. Academic life at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine are actively integrated to maximize the learning experience of our residents and cultivate outstanding future emergency physicians.

The Institute For Emergency Care Training

The Institute for Emergency Care Training at MMC’s North Division provides emergency care training to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies and the community. For almost 20 years, the Institute has offered Original and Refresher Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training to thousands of EMS professionals. We are approved by the New York State Department of Health as educators for certified EMS courses. EMT Original & Refresher Courses are offered twice annually, in January and July.

Travel Blog – New Orleans

The Lure of the Big Easy

Delights for all travellers

It’s mosaic of cultures, cuisines, neighborhoods and architecture that make New Orleans a beguiling jewel of a city. A stroll through its streets presents visitors with a litany of discoveries each more thrilling than the next: from the decadence and European charm of the French Quarter with its cobbled streets and whiff of the Caribbean; the stately elegance of the Garden District to the bustle of downtown’s business district. Read Full Article

Editorial – Careers and Lifestyle Article for Black Enterprise magazine
Smart Alek

Supermodel Alek and Writer Denise Campbell Laidler

For over ten years, Alek Wek’s dark visage and klieg-light smile has lit up international runways, magazine pages and advertising campaigns, turning the fashion industry’s idea of marketable beauty on its head. Wek expanded her gravitas by creating her own company, AlekWek 1933 under which she designs a line of bags and accessories. Wek sources much of her materials from tanneries in Italian cities including Bologna, Tuscany and Florence, which are renowned for premier skins in calf, lamb and buffalo.  The line is comprised of D, T and U bags and feature woven leather totes, waterproofed wax canvas messenger bags, miniaudieres in chocolate or mink alligator and carryalls in moss, cognac and eggplant lamb.  Read Full Article


 Step into the 21st Century Revival of Harlem

Whether the quiet solitude of a late afternoon stroll along St.Nicholas Park or the thrill of retail therapy, Harlem speaks to your every need. Lose yourself on famed 125th Street – from its assortment of hallowed landmarks such as the Apollo Theater, to retail giants H&M, Marshall’s and Old Navy or up and comers like Wimps Bakery. Walk along  venerable Striver’s Row in West Harlem or explore Astor Row, Mount Morris Park historic district or saunter along Harlem Meer in the northern section of Central Park.

The Enduring Allure of Harlem-Brochure

LaSouer Brownstones-Brochure

Golf Anyone?

The Relentless Pursuit of Par

Long considered an indulgence of the affluent and elite, golf is the ideal blend of sportsmanship, etiquette and mental challenge. It’s a business tool skillfully wielded by industry titans, deal makers, corporate executives and masters of industry.  Golf enthusiasts have been privy to the open secret: no major business deal is sealed without the pleasure of a few rounds of golf.  Whether playing the majestic par-4 15th hole at Lobby Link in Hilton Head or the 18 hole layout at Royal Johannesburg Golf Club in South Africa, where else but on golf course can one enjoy uninterrupted access to industry movers and shakers in private, scenic environs? Read Full Article


Taster’s Choice:

Nectar of the gods

For centuries, wine has been an elixir for mere mortals; a vehicle through which we connect with each other, often used to convey the moods and moments of our lives. Whether you want to indulge or broaden your tastes, or enjoy myriad options for entertainment or investment, wine collecting has become a passion of many. Read Full Article




Travel Blogs

Brennans: Serving up Feasts for the Gods

Shrimp Clemenceau from Dookie Chase restaurant

Visiting New Orleans without a layover at Brennan’s, a bastion of fine French/Creole dining, is simply inconceivable. In fact, it’s unforgivable. The culinary masterpieces created by Chef Lazone Randolph is a feast fit for the gods. I follow aroma of their chicory coffee to my courtyard table.  Minutes in, I get down to the serious business of choosing my three courses— appetizer, entree and dessert from the Table d’Hote. Epicurean delights abound: Eggs Sardou – poached eggs on artichoke bottoms nestled in a bed of creamed spinach and covered with hollandaise sauce – is a Brennan’s original and can be found on the menu of many Vieux Carré Creole restaurants. Full Blog


 The Secret Ingredient: A Culinary Tour of New Orleans

Ingredients from Chef Leah Chase’s Kitchen

Ahhh. The enduring allure of the Big Easy. The City is a food lover’s paradise and a cultural mecca for the curious traveler. As morning alights, I surrender my palette to the smorgasbord of gastronomical delights that makes the city a premier culinary destination. Any local will caution you that brunch at Lil’ Dizzy’s on Poydras is not to be missed. A front runner for the best gumbo in a city brimming with time-tested gumbo recipes, Dizzy’s offers a dizzying array of Creole creations from Paneed Veal, Seventh Ward Pork Chop to owner Wayne Baquet’s signature Trout Baquet. For brunch, the offerings are staggering: from typical creole breakfast of grits and grillades to heavenly, seasoned- to-perfection hot and smoked sausages. Full Blog


 Passa Passa – The Dance That Could Save Kngston

Mixing it up Passa-style

“Park here.” Popcorn the Legend gestures towards the rugged parking lot in front of his Garden of Eden lounge. “Support the bar, then go to Passa Passa.”  It’s almost 3:30 Thursday morning and the narrow stretch of Spanish Town road in the hinterland of West Kingston is preternaturally bright. Both sides of the street are clogged with revellers of all ilk, rocking to the latest dancehall rhythm. Local partygoers and those from Europe, the UK and the US jostle with Japanese dancehall queen wannabes in batty riders and the latest gear, eyes peeled for their next dancer hook-up. Passa is not your parents’ cookie-cutter vacation; tour buses do not pass here on there way to pristine all-inclusives. Read Full Article


Dying for the Promise of Perfection

Getting Sized Up

Lured by the promise of a cut rate cosmetic surgery package Lisa Espinosa , 43 surrendered her body and purse strings to a physician in the Dominican Republic. After falling in and out of consciousness moments after surgery in a make shift operating room and hobbled by a virulent infection, Espinosa’s survival hinged on consent for a blood she adamantly refused. In a moment of lucidity she says, “The doctor informed me if I didn’t get one I wouldn’t survive.  I thought about being sent home in a box and what that would do to my mother and children. I consented, then lost consciousness again.”  But the nightmare was only beginning.  Weeks after her return to the States, she discovered the full extent devastation to her body, which necessitated a new round of reconstructive surgery.  Espinosa’s harrowing ordeal is not unique. Hers is among the innumerable cases of botched plastic surgery suffered by the hundreds of thousands who cross the US border into countries like Mexico, Panama, Thailand, Brazil and Argentina looking for the deal of a lifetime. Read Full Article

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