Two-way communication is the lifeblood of sound strategy.

Communication facilitates information exchange, awareness raising and knowledge transfer, decision making among multiple actors and stakeholders.


We understand the story you want to share and help you do it. To do so, we embed communication footprints from the beginning of International Development programmes as a strategic tool. GoldenPen Ink Communication provides communication strategy and planning for International Development organisations and projects. We develop and implement integrated, strategic communication for International Development that conveys messaging, impact achievement and ideas across countries, partners, donors and development institutions, advancing your work and mission. Applying local insights to universal themes for a cohesive, systematic approach to communications support and strategy.


The GoldenPen Ink Communication Strategy for International Development organisations and projects articulate, organise, and share messaging, information, awareness raising, reporting information and other activities on diverse channels. We help you create and maintain a detailed hybrid Editorial calendar with tactical, granular, and content including high-level themes which informs frequent dissemination of content. Our Communication Toolkit consists of robust, all-inclusive communication and content assets that provide easily accessible entry points into International Development efforts.


Communication Strategy and Planning to International Development


  • Execute a disciplined communications planning to convey critical message to key audiences
  • Identify thematic ideas, stories and various forms of content from existing information and Subject Matter Experts for development into accessible communication assets, storytelling for engagement with diverse audiences
  • Craft and maintenance of ‘evergreen’ content for long and short-term communication planning that shares news and relevant information for events, awareness raising, conferences and more
  • Create and schedule social media campaign and postings; cross pollination of content across various channels with similar themed organisations
  • Support staff with mainstreaming and embedding of strategic communication from the first stage of programme and process
  • Enhance online visibility with SEO key words to improve Google analytics. 
  • Improve the ability and confidence of staff to identify and use the most effective and compelling suite of communication channels, tools and techniques based on the targeted audience



  • Impact Storytelling 
  • Professional Writing Services
  • Content Management and Development
  • Communication Strategy and Planning