Nuanced, High Calibre Professional Writing Services for International Development

GoldenPen Ink applies exceptional writing, editing and copywriting skills to every communication piece. We translate esoteric, complex material into engaging, informative material that convey the efforts, objectives of the project, at every stage. From the onset of each project, we help establish, maintain, and promote high standards for writing, editing, style, format and design for all written materials. Our specialized experience in organising and implementing communications and awareness raising materials includes:

Professional Writing for International Development

• Speechwriting and preparation and development of talking points
• Internal and External Communications
• Digital communication
• PowerPoint presentation
• Social Media Campaigns
• Press releases and Op-Eds

 Write and edit communication materials throughout the development lifecycle partnering with department teams to compliance with orgnanisation’s voice and brand consistency

 Utilise knowledge of International development and International Relations issues, trends, SDGS, Diplomacy and use of pillars and key themes to enhance input into communication analysis and output

 Knowledge of various Style Guides including: AP Style; The MLA Style Manual; The Chicago Manual of Style

 Oversee the quality and publication of materials including development of success stories, fact sheets, directing photo shoots, producing videos, coordinating graphic design, and other development outreach and communications materials

 Craft organisation’s style, quality, and tone in key communication including development and curation of pipeline of engaging, informative content shared across traditional, digital and social media channels

 Write, edit and oversee the production and dissemination of cohesive communication materials including online articles, Blogs, Case studies, Fact sheets, Newsletters, presentations, and video scripts

Re-package relevant information and stories for dissemination via internal and major external channels to global audiences


  • Impact Storytelling 
  • Professional Writing Services
  • Content Management and Development
  • Communication Strategy and Planning

The GoldenPen Ink Style

Benefit from writing that combines readability and substance with flair. From the most rudimentary necessities such as proofreading and composing memos, mass email and business letters to dynamic PowerPoint presentations and persuasive white papers, GoldenPen Ink creates professional, attention-grabbing communication that will galvanize readers into action.

Choose from a wide array of marketing and communications tools including:

White Papers

One of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal is your company’s white paper. Attain high visibility and increase your customer traffic with persuasive white papers that epitomize your company’s achievements and expertise.

PowerPoint Presentations

Vibrant, well-structured and reader-friendly presentation with options that include: dynamic, industry-specific templates, bulleted lists; pictures and images, charts and graphs; slide shows; animation and many more.

Style Guides

Have you considered implementing a standard, uniform operating guidelines for all your business communications? No more uncertainty if you’ve used the right word or tense. Create and maintain polished, organized business writing by using your own smart and handy style guide. We can create and structure style guidelines with accepted language, reference and formatting principles, including Chicago Manual of Style and others.

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