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Christmasham ChristmasinJamaica
For me, there is simply nothing like Christmas in Jamaica. There’s a surfeit of riches that Jamaicans enjoy over the Christmas Season: Christmas caroling in the weeks leading up to Christmas; the almost palpable buzz of the elusive Christmas spirit in the streets, shopping plazas, buses, through open doors and roadside stalls; the excitement of the throngs heading to downtown for Christmas market; reggae-infused Christmas songs; Jamaican rum cake; festivals and parties galore; Jonkonoo and of course the camaraderie in Half Way Tree plazas on Christmas Eve to name just a few of my favorite things. So there’s nothing I would have wanted more than to follow in the footsteps of fellow Jamaican Tessanne Chin, winner of the 2013 The Voice competition who flew to Jamaica straight off her sensational win to celebrate Christmas in Jamaica with her family.

SeaPicAnd although there is nowhere else I’d rather be than in Jamaica at Christmas – barefoot outside a Portland villa, steps away from one of our famous sun-dappled beaches, bare feet deeply burrowed in powder-fine sand, sorrel drink in hand, pineapple glazed ham and escovitch fish waiting on the table – the next best thing is launching the book campaign for my debut novel Journey to the Land of Look Behind. That’s why I’m still offering the first the ThreeChapters_LandofLookBehind for free!

Now – at last –  after many years of perseverance, insights, countless rewrites and untold editing, my debut novel Journey to the Land of Look Behind has been published and is now available in both paperback and ebook versions. And I couldn’t be more thrilled and enthusiastic to share with the world what has been my passion and dream for some time.

Every woman  – as she comes into her own  – asks imminent questions that help define and inform who she is, what she’ll stand for and how she’ll navigate her way in this world – on her own terms or on others’.  This is the essential truth that propelled me to write  Journey to the Land of Look Behind, a story about a young woman who returns to her island home Jamaica to help care for the father who abandoned her and the aching tug-of-war and winding journey that leads to her authentic self.

So What’s the Novel Really About?

lookBehindCoverIndigo Wade, a brilliant engineer and aspiring sculptor, is frustrated with her son-child boyfriend, Reed, pressured by her domineering mother, Lena and struggling through a fractured relationship with her distant and indifferent father, Capo. An urgent, disturbing phone call precipitates a trip to Jamaica where past memories resurface, life lessons are learned and new beginnings are started. Sage advice from her Aunt Mercie helps her deal with antagonistic siblings left to survive the wreckage of lives abandoned by a father who skillfully navigates relationships like a calculated chess grandmaster and lays bare the spiraling, wounding trajectory through their lives.

Balanced on the threshold of two worlds, neither of which she fully belongs, Indigo must face questions that help her define her own truths. Who are we when stripped of easy monikers: daughter; father, sister, friend?  Should she give up her promising career to pursue her dream of becoming a sculptor?  Can she steer her father toward a place of redemption and at what cost?

NewOrleansSet in New Orleans and Jamaica, Journey to the Land of Look Behind centers around abandoned daughters who have been thrust into the world, fatherless, who have had to fend for themselves and find/claim their worth any way they can.  Countless Caribbean girls and women – not unlike black girls in America or in Africa and across the globe must make their way in life without the love and support of their father.  Not surprisingly, some of the most painful aspects of their lives are symptomatic of the wound of the fatherless daughter.  Their stories – with their themes of female identity, self-emancipation, abandoned or fatherless daughters  – are achingly familiar  are universally relatable.

Whether Caribbean, American or African, far too many of us grapple with the wound from the missing father and this is a tale about the travails of the wounded daughter.  As most of you know, I am a consummate storyteller and I feel that an intimate story, interwoven with some poignant truths and humor lighten this impactful story and the way it bleeds into the landscape of our lives is one worth telling.

In the coming weeks I’ll be blazing a trail with a kick-ass media campaign and promotion leading to several book signings in Jamaica, New York, New Jersey and New Orleans.  Hard copy and eBook versions are already available here on my website, on amazon.com, itunes and lulu.com.  To pique interests and set tongues wagging – in a great way! – Please take a moment to share with friends and acquaintances and post on your Twitter and/or Facebook timelines. You can still read the first  ThreeChapters_LandofLookBehind for free!

Look out for the JTLOLB book trailer, Facebook and Twitter posts as well as Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

Stay tuned for more…

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