Robust Pipeline of Thoughtful, Engaging Content

Deep, demonstrated understanding of SDGs and International Relations

Simplify and streamline content across all communication channels

Stocktaking, leveraging and sharing your brain trust of knowledge can be overwhelming – consuming time, bandwidth and resources. Simultaneously, there’s the need to break away from esoteric, jargony language through customised content that informs and galvanises your audience.
Execute a robust content strategy that conveys and articulates impact and objectives, using consistent, unified language aligned with development goals and values. We collaborate with thought leadership, grantees, subject matter experts and others to produce communication assets that amplify and grow your digital presence.

Sound Content strategy is the bedrock of Communication
Harness the of robust internal knowledge, on the ground unparalleled expertise, memory and experiences to coordinate and curate engaging, substantive, content tailored to diverse audiences, channels and objectives. We help strategise, manage and share differentiated messaging, goals and achievements in a consistent, impactful and nontechnical manner.

Human-centred approach to International Relations communications

We understand the challenges related to conveying the complexities of pressing issues such as poverty reduction, resource inequalities, international policymaking. There are numerous ways Development impact and cooperation can be shared and transformed through digital storytelling. GoldenPen Ink’s custom tailored digital strategy and communication planning enhances your content. We oversee digital communications work including social media, editorial content writing and planning, website updates, video creation and more.

We help execute a nimble, cogent content strategy that conveys and advances impact. We work to ensure consistent, unified messaging, using language aligned with development goals and values, collaborating with internal thought leaders, subject matter experts and others to produce refined communication assets that share mission objectives, increase awareness and more.

Create and re-purpose legacy content, institutional knowledge and subject matter expertise to better align, organise and leverage communications across various channels including print, digital, social media and stakeholder networks.

Benefits of Content Strategy and Development

Capture, manage and curate a pipeline of custom-tailored, meticulously crafted content and key messaging into a central repository for multi-purpose use.

Boost digital content with Search engine optimized (SEO) keywords that increase online visibility in the search engines such Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and others.

Collaborate with in-house teams to source and coordinate nuanced, locally focused content assets that maintain cultural appropriateness and sensitivity.

Create and maintain a hybrid Editorial calendar to organise and track pipeline of content activity, related events and themes, and engagement across diverse channels ent and curation of pipeline of engaging, informative content shared across traditional, digital and social media channels

Content Strategy and Development for use in

  • Impact stories
  • Newsletters, e-Newsletters, articles and publications
  • Blog series and Vlogs
  • Videos and visual storytelling
  • Website updates and landing pages
  • Speeches and PowerPoint presentation
  • News and web articles
  • Social Media Campaigns and profiles

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