Communication Strategy and Planning for International Development

Preparation Wins Half the Battle

Communicating development challenges and advocacy for change is both daunting and complex. We transform esoteric, data filled jargon and slow, technical processes into elegantly articulated, evidence-based insights that make difficult subjects understandable and illustrate the universally relatable in the foreign.

We understand the story you want to share and help you do it. To do so, we embed communication footprints from the beginning of International Development programmes as a strategic tool. GoldenPen Ink Communication provides communication strategy and planning for International Development organisations and projects. We develop and implement an integrated, strategic communications plan to share ideas across countries, partners, donors and development institutions to advance your work and mission. Applying local insights to universal themes for a cohesive, systematic approach to communications support and strategy.

Deepen engagement and mobilization

By coordinating with interdisciplinary, multi-national teams, we help execute an astute, well-articulated, content rich communications planning that conveys critical message to key audiences. Our communication support is underscored by deep knowledge, rigorous research and technical expertise. Strategies, develop and maintain a pipeline of vibrant, engaging contextualized stories for diverse uses and channels.

Benefits of Communication Strategy and Planning for Sustainable Development Agendas

Embed and mainstream strategic communication from the first stage of programmed and process

Identify topics, themes and gap analysis for engaging, relevant content and stories for multi-use communication assets for engagement with diverse audiences.

Craft and maintenance of ‘evergreen’ content for long and short-term communication.

Create and schedule social media campaign including cross pollination of content across stakeholders’ channels and organizations with similar themes and interests.

Enhance online visibility with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) key words to improve searchability and Google analytics

Story capturing mechanism to support coordination and dissemination of content and digital storytelling – from challenges addressed and solutions found and implemented to benchmarks and milestones achieved.

Collect, record and leverage organisational brain trust for development and curation of impact stories that convey mission achieved, obstacles overcome, solutions advanced

Improve the ability and confidence of staff to identify and access suite of content assets, for multi-purpose communication.

Communication is Key...Help us to get the word out!

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